Stucco mouldings and sculptures

Filigree performance for connoisseurs

Arhitectural mouldings allows to highlight the unique character and exclusiveness of your interior and exterior decoration. You can order plaster mouldings tailor-made for you according to the peculiar sketches or choose one of the ready-made solutions from our product catalogue.

Beaux Arts boutique specialises in high-quality hand-made stucco decoration and sculptures. Our artists and sculptors create stuccos for interiors and facades of any level of complexity: stucco decoration, sculptures, rosettes, rotundas, capitals, cornices, columns, consoles, angles, pilasters, bas-reliefs, and mouldings.

Stucco and moulding is a duet of meticulous work and sophisticated taste. We are inspired by the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods — Beaux Arts masters have a wealth of experience and knowledge to create unique features, ornaments and sculptures.

From the very first sketches to moulding and mounting — we guarantee high quality and meticulous workmanship throughout the production process. Our decorations are distinguished by perfect quality, aesthetic attraction, and are environmentally friendly.

Significant attention is devoted to the technological nuances of production and the selection of quality materials. Hence our products are durable and picturesque and can be highly regarded as art heritage.

Turnkey construction

Restoration and painting