Restoration and painting

Restoration of historic heritage

Restoration and painting is a meticulous and labour-intensive process. When you entrust the
restoration of the plaster mouldings to the experts of Beaux Arts, you may be sure of the quality of the final result. Our company cautiously restores the lost ornaments, decorative coatings and paintings.

Renovation of lost or damaged stuccos and frescos necessitates a qualified approach and specialised technology. Beaux Arts boutique employees specialise in such conscientious work.

The restoration of stuccos and frescos begins with in-depth research to determine the volume of work required. Renovation can be conducted through using the retained elements of decoration and frescos, as well as researched photographs or historical evidence.

Having evaluated the degree of damage, as well as the size and complexity of the work, we will present a stage-by-stage plan for restoring lost or damaged parts of the decoration or old frescos.

We additionally offer significant restorations of historical buildings — improving condition, restoring tired constructions, and introducing the required constructive improvements to supplement a modern aesthetic.

Stucco moulding

Interior design