About the company

Filigree performance for connoisseurs

Beaux Arts architectural-construction boutique was established in 2010, and has been gaining a reputation as a reliable architectural partner and responsible contractor. Our approach is comprehensive — ranging from the selection of land plot, development of architectural design, full construction, reconstruction and renovation, designing and creating of new interiors, and commissioning of codes and regulations.

We offer the full service design spectrum with premium class construction. Our company maintains the highest quality standards, observes agreed deadlines, and provides clients with maximum ease and convenience.

Unique pattern of Beaux Arts is felt in all company projects — our approach personifies respectability, exquisiteness and superior quality of performance. Every detail is elaborated and brought to perfection. Any idea is implemented by the experts with the delicate sense of style and irreproachable taste.

Enduring inspiration

Our approach is highly regarded by those drawn towards the refined lifestyle and exquisitely decorated architectural design. Our design philosophy reflects luxury and beauty that befits a royal household. We create the legacy that will become part of your family heritage.

The philosophy of our company is based on the principle of a holistic perception of architecture, interiors and the surrounding landscape. Our architects and designers harmoniously combine modern comfort aesthetic with classical perceptions of luxury.

By uniting fine art frescos, sculptures and decorations as an integral whole, we create unique and distinctive aesthetics. The buildings that we construct and decorate are worthy of being viewed as architectural masterpieces to be appreciated over many generations.

All Beaux Arts projects are aimed at a select clientele — united by exquisite taste and with the intention of emphasising their personal status outwardly.

Our team

Beaux Arts’ specialists are the highest experts in their field. Our team comprises of these highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Our guarantee

Our quality is our defining factor. This includes our competitiveness and reputation which underpins the quality service we deliver. Our clients can always be confident of receiving excellent results due to our continued guarantee.

years – warranty on all construction
years – warranty for all interior finishing (frescos)

Cost and payment for the architectural design
project and designer supervision

Key factors of the assessment of the cost of the future architectural design project: total area of the premises, degree of complexity, stylistics and period of work execution.

The cost of the designer supervision is calculated on an individual basis, according to the project complexity, the scope of anticipated works and the object geographic location.

Architectural design

Turnkey construction