Luxury furniture Modenese Gastone guarantees its customers 100% “made in Italy” quality. The furniture Modenese Gastone is handmade by the Italian craftsmen — with the use of local technologies and materials (solid wood is delivered directly from the woods of Toscana). Wood processing and woodcarving traditions have a 200-year old history, their secrets have been transferred from father to son for seven generations.

The factory Modenese Gastone was founded in 1818 году in the north of Italy in a small town of Casale di Scodosia, which has always been famous for its wood processing traditions. Today the company is rightfully considered to be a world-famous brand and is associated with Italian exclusive furniture and accessories.

Due to the solutions of Modenese Gastone designers one can get acquainted with the history of furniture production: from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance era to baroque and art-deco — classic examples of luxury and grandeur in modern design.

Production quality is the company’s overriding priority. The process of luxury furniture production involves effective solutions of supervising of all production stages. The mission of Modenese Gastone is to create pieces of art that over the decades will serve their direct intended use with distinction.