Facade ornaments and interior plaster decoration (made of concrete, gypsum and other materials) fall into 2 categories: luxury plaster mouldings (custom-made according to individual drawings and customer requirements) and «factory-made» plaster mouldings, or plaster ornaments, which you can buy both in the shop and from the experts and dealers selling ready-made similar decorative plaster mouldings and ornaments.

When you order luxury plaster ornaments and decoration according to individual drawings and dimensions, the price of the product is well above the price of the similar mouldings «from the shop». The same rule applies to the production of plaster sculptures, fireplaces, cornice mouldings and other ornaments and elements made of gypsum, plaster and concrete. Luxury sculptures and luxury architectural decoration have their benefits and are in high demand among the customers due to the following reasons:

  1. Ready-made plaster ornaments «from the shop» may not match the desired style or sizes.
  2. The customer wants his interior or facade ornaments to be exclusive and unique. I am the only one who has it!
  3. Difficulties in choosing the architectural mouldings and ornaments of the desired quality. Mass-produced plaster mouldings are usually made of the common ordinary gypsum and are not suitable for installation on the facades or in humid premises (it cracks and molders with time).
  4. Luxury mouldings and sculptures warranty: the customer is entitled to receive a long-term warranty for the plaster mouldings made individually for him and may submit claims with regard to the quality and design of the plaster ornaments according to his taste.

It should be noted that nowadays ready-made gypsum products of certain manufacturers are brought to the market in a large variety of good quality plaster moldings and ornaments at reasonable prices. But are you ready to see the same decoration in the interior or on the facade of your neighbour?

Irrespective of whether you buy ready-made plaster ornaments or order luxury architectural mouldings and sculptures, please remember that the quality of your moulding is of no importance, if it is improperly installed and processed. Consult or invite an expert to refine and install the plaster mouldings, only then you will be able to delight in the perfection and beauty of your interior.