Gypsum is one of the earliest construction materials. It was known already in ancient Egypt times, but this material gained greatest popularity in ancient Greece and in Rome, when gypsum moulding started to be used as the decoration of the palaces in the form of the figurines of the Gods and mythological heroes.

In ancient Greece it was highly valued for its whiteness and the amazing capability of the gypsum solution to take any of the most intricate shapes. Moreover, this material is sufficiently strong, light, eco-friendly and fire-proof — these particular predominant features made gypsum much sought after for milleniums up to our times.

Gypsum moulding became an integral part of the history of the relief architectural ornaments and all key styles — classicism, Art Nouveau, baroque, rococo, art-deco and many others.

Gypsum moulding turns ordinary surfaces (ceiling, walls, doorways, archways and vaults) into genuine pieces of arts. The company Beaux Arts creates stucco moulding according to the customer individual wishes. Our specialists will offer advice and will help you to choose the best option, harmoniously congruent with your interior.