Il Paralume Marina Design lamps are the only one of its kind - a brand is synonymous with elegance and subtlety of the Italian. Il Paralume Marina products are made by hand and only in Italy.

Factory Il Paralume Marina was established over 25 years ago, the couple Marina and Stefano Ferronato Simoncelli. Today, their company is considered one of the best and has been a leading position in the international market of lighting fixtures.

Il Paralume Marina - a unique design and unsurpassed quality. The Il Paralume Marina companies say their lamps real work of art, which could pass the test of time and remain unique.

By manufacture the age-old production and precious materials technology (Venetian glass, Italian crystal, the Swarovski crystals, silk, organza and siphon). The range includes table, floor and wall lamps, chandeliers and all kinds of home accessories - mirrors, candlesticks, figurines, vases, and more.