The American company Sherle Wagner, a world-famous manufacturer of deluxe bathroom and lavatory equipment, was founded in 1945 by the expert and entrepreneur Sherle Wagner. The company Sherle Wagner is the undisputed leader of the custom design among the companies engaged in manufacturing of accessories, furniture, lightings and bathroom equipment.

The product catalogue of Sherle Wagner features hand-painted wash-basins, decorated with the 24-carat gold and quartz or lapis lazuli inserts, marble bidets with the rock crystal handles and   gold-plated wash-basin mixers. All metal articles are polished, processed and engraved manually with pinpoint accuracy.

Luxurious outer appearance and selected materials is by far not the solitary predominant feature of the bathroom and lavatory equipment of Sherle Wagner. The company products possess excellent technical characteristics — with due care they will serve more than one decade. During all production stages the products of Sherle Wagner pass multilevel quality inspection — they undergo a steam test and a high pressure test.

Deluxe bathroom and lavatory equipment Sherle Wagner is produced as a limited edition. Among the admirers of the quality and exclusive approach of Sherle Wagner one can find the most sophisticated clients — the Royal Household of Monaco, Saudi Arabia sheiks and the Hollywood Stars of the first magnitude.