Getting ready for building a house is a very important stage that largely affects the quality, budget and the terms of the house designing and construction. Construction mistakes may not show up at once, but in a year or even more. It will take your time, money and nerves to correct them. The traditional logic and unfortunately a fundamental mistake is the cost saving. Cost saving is important, but without compromising the quality.

People choose the construction company or brigade that asks a smaller amount without even analyzing the offered cost sheets content-wise and guided by the final amount only. As a result instead of the comfortable living you will have to face a lot of unpleasant surprises and regular repairs!

Our objective is to enlighten you with the fundamental knowledge that will enable you to monitor the entire process of your house construction, the work of the architects and housebuilders, help you to choose the right expert and to avoid deceit. In our blog we will regularly write about important aspects of the architecture, design and construction of private residences, cottages, bath houses, country houses and will deliver the information that will help the customers and future homeowners to avoid numerous mistakes in the architectural design and construction.

As a first step we must determine the budget of your future house, taking into account the following components: purchase of land, expenses for the architectural design, supply of the main lines (external and internal), landscaping of the site and actually the construction itself, interior furnishing (the house interior) and the home improvement (furniture, bathroom and lavatory equipment, lighting…). In the majority of cases a lot of unforeseen expenses arise during construction and finishing, therefore when calculating the budget we recommend to include the additional 10-15% of the total amount of the cost sheet for the house construction and finishing. It is better to be secured and feel safe than to face the problem of insufficient funds.

It is highly important to choose the building site rationally: if you are buying a site located far from the utility lines, be ready to include the expenses for the supply and connection of electricity, gas, water and sewerage system. These are huge expenses, not to mention the terms and difficulties related to coordination of the projects of the supply of external utility lines. This is precisely why most often almost neighbouring sites (one with the main lines, the other — without) differ markedly in the offer price. Do not rush to buy a cheaper site, first thoroughly analyse the feasibility and the cost of the relevant utility lines supply to the site.

You may double check the availability of the utility lines close to the selected site at a building authority or according to the valid topography. The safest way to prove the probability of the external  supply lines connection is to contact the relevant authority and to request technical requirements. It may happen that the existing nearby electricity mains and other utility lines are already overloaded and you may not get a permission to connect or you may be offered a new electric power line (with installation of a transformer) to be built at your expense or to use the alternative methods of heating, water supply and sewerage.

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