It is highly important to choose the land lot accurately. Before you purchase the land lot make sure to order with the local building board a certificate on the possibility of the development of the selected land lot. It will give you the information what house, with how many storeys and floor-space you can build on the selected land lot or it may happen be in fact imposible…

Very few buyers are aware of one more important aspect — it is necessary to order the geology of the soils prior to the land plot purchase. Indeed, these are extra expenses and additional time, however, they will be 100% repaid. If the appraisal of the selected lot soil permits to build the house projected by you, you can use the obtained conclusion on the geology for further house design.

Any conscientious structural designer will require the conclusion on the geology of the soil under the house from you — it is impossible to design the house foundation without it. While if the conclusion on the soil geology show that the site conditions are unfavourable for the construction of a house or require a pile foundation (which is very expensive), it will allow you to avoid unexpected complications and the foundation construction costs. It may help you to reduce the cost of the land lot and to avoid being misled. The cost of the conclusion on the geology is relatively low and it can be obtained within 10-20 days of the moment of its ordering.

Selecting the land lot make sure to pay attention to the building site roads for the supply of the required consruction materials and technical equipment. Otherwise in the course of the entire construction process you will face the problems of the construction materials supplies, unloading and storage.

If you are buying a house with the ready-made foundation or house shell, make sure to verify the legalization and the legality of the structures in the lot. If the foundation or the house shell had been built not according to the approved project or without authorization in general, you may be asked to demolish the “illegal” structures at your own expense. You have the right to require from the seller all documents, cost sheets, contracts with the builders (who raised the structures) and to receive the certificates and declarations of the used construction materials, including the hidden works acceptance certificates. These documents will further allow you to commission the house, because they may be required by the construction board. One more thing: have the chartered professional check the quality, condition and documentation of the ready-made structures, since they may simply be in a useless state or built in disregard of the construction standards.